Services We Provide

We understand the importance of your space; the emotions a thoughtfully coloured room will rouse, and the energy it inspires. Therefore, we take the time to discuss your needs, provide expert advice and treat your space with care.

Our work is only as good as the products we use, which is why we insist on using quality brand paint.Recognising the potential impact on health and the environment, we prefer to use water-based, low VOC paint.

Add value to your property or character to your home with our residential painting service. A new coat of paint to the interior and exterior can refresh the look of your home and a change of colour can make it feel like new.

Taqwa Painting will come to you to discuss your vision for your home and help you choose the right paint and colour. We will keep you informed of the process and timeframes for the paint work and will treat you and your home with respect.

We work with private clients, building and renovation companies to paint new houses and repaint existing homes. We also work with property maintenance, real estate agents, body corporate to repaint and maintain property paint work. Taqwa Painting can also work closely with interior designers to help achieve your desired look.

The appearance of your commercial property sets the tone for the business or service. The colour of an office or school can affect a person’s mood, wellbeing and productivity. The colour scheme of a store can influence a customer’s purchasing behaviour. Your commercial environment matters!

Taqwa Painting offers commercial painting services to help you foster an ambience to suit your business. We can provide free In-principle quotes based on architectural plans and specifications; or visit the site to inspect the paint area. We manage the project and work with other trades on site to ensure we meet client timeframes.Taqwa Painting is diligent with safe work practices, including the preparation and compliance of Safe Work Method Standards for commercial projects.

Call or email Taqwa Painting to discuss how we can handle your commercial project, or add your tender distribution list and we will gladly submit a quote.

Taqwa Painting offers speciality services to complement our regular painting services.

Feature walls

Feature walls, also known as accent or statement walls, can be added to the interior or exterior of a property to add character to an otherwise neutral colour palette. A feature wall should be designed to be a focal point of a room and should complement the colour scheme of the room. Feature walls are often favoured to define a space in an open-plan layout.

A painted feature wall is the quickest and most affordable option for a feature wall. The wide variety of available colours, textures and effects help the client achieve their desired visual impact.

Specialty finishes

Speciality finishes can add texture or effects to an ordinary wall, giving an extraordinary visual impact. Specialty finishes are commonly used as feature walls to add mood, texture, or a pop of colour to a room.

Effects such as concrete, suede, stone and metallic effects add a unique look and personality in any space. Functional effect paint such as chalk board and white board paint can be applied as usable walls in an office or to add an element of fun in a child’s bedroom.

Kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms of the home. The kitchen brings people together and the bathroom provides a space of solitude. However, areas that service people so well can be the first to show their wear-and-tear.

Kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations are expensive, but a repaint in a fresh new colour or to replace outdated designs can offer a more affordable option.

We can paint your walls, ceiling, tiles, benchtops and cabinets in the colour of your choice, by applying suitableprimer and paint to ensure adhesion and durability.

Mould cleaning and treatment

Mould is a type of fungus that grows in the presence of moisture, typically on bare and painted surfaces.Not only is mould visually unpleasant and can cause stains on the surface, but can also be harmful to health.

Taqwa Painting can resolve your mould worries with our mould cleaning and treatment service. We will clean the mould-affected surfaces and treat with a mould-resistant paint to help prevent the regrowth of mould.

Pressure cleaning

Taqwa Painting also offers a pressure cleaning service to remove tough stains and organic build-up from outdoor surfaces.We can pressure clean concrete, pavers, walls, fences, decks, pavements and driveways to restore their original charm.

Pressure cleaning can be done as part of the preparation process before paint application, or a surface clean may be all that is needed.

Interior painting is our most requested service. Interior paint work includes an assessment of the paint area and thorough preparation, involving the 8-step Preparation process.Common interior paint work includes walls, ceilings, doors and frames, cornices and skirting. However, interior painting can involve a wide range of paint areas including stair wells, kitchen, bathroom and laundry surfaces, and Specialtyservices

The outside of a property is the first impression. It welcomes your guests and sparks interest and intrigue.

Refresh the look of your property with a fresh coat of paint on exterior trims such as guttering, window frames, handrails or fencing.Transform the property with a complete repaint of the façade, exterior walls and doors or roof.Designa private oasis by enhancing the natural timber tones of a decking or bringing tranquil colours to a pergola.

We can paint a range of exterior surfaces including concrete, cement render, cladding, timber and steel.

We ensure thorough preparation and clean-up for all projects. Thoroughpreparationis key for a quality paint application. Our preparation process prior to paint application includes, where required:

  • 1. Set up the paint area by covering surfaces to protect non-paint areas and your possessions.
  • 2. Scrape and remove any flaking paint.
  • 3. Clean paint surfaces.
  • 4. Fill any gaps and cracks.
  • 5. Repair holes by patching.
  • 6. Sand existing paint and areas that have been repaired.
  • 7. Remove hardware such as door handles.
  • 8. Apply primer to surfaces where required.

Following completion of the paint application, we complete the project with a comprehensive clean-up and inspection. We replace any fixtures that were removed, pack-up all tools and materials, remove coverings, clean any paint and dust residue, and vacuum where required.The final stage is an inspection of the paint area to ensure the work is up to standard and meets the client’s specifications.

We also offer a discount of 10% off the cost of labour for Senior’s Card holders.

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